WAYNE STATE is now offering a high-ability learner endorsement. This 18-hour program is fully accredited by the state. Wayne State provides an affordable option for teachers across Nebraska! Here is the basic information you need to get started:

Classes Start June 2023!

Step  1: Apply to Wayne State College
Step 2: Starting MONDAY, MARCH 27th at 7:30 am. REGISTER
Step 3: Plan ahead and register for BOTH Summer AND Fall

SUMMER 5-Week Courses
JUNE SPD 596-00W0 5W1 Special Course: Intro to HALS
JULY SPD 696-00W0 5W2 Special Course: Supp the Soc/Emot/Guidance Needs of HALS

SPD 605
SPD 612

NOTE: The registrar will take the rosters of summer classes and convert those classes to the correct course codes in August, once the new catalog has been published. Students will have the correct courses on their transcripts so no worries! Fall courses are up and ready for students to register under the correct codes since the new catalog will be in effect in August. For details or assistance contact the Registrars office at [email protected] or 800-228-9972

For a full outline of the endorsement program, download the documentation provided by Wayne State College. For additional questions, please contact the college directly. 

Wayne State HAL Endorsement

Click above or the image to download the document.